How To Prepare Status Report [ 13th Five Year Plan 2017-22] – Handbook & Format

status report

Kerala Institute of Local Administration, Mulankunnathkav, Trissur prepared handbook and formats for preparation of Status Report in connection with 13th Five Year Plan 2017-22. The handbook and formats available in 12 categories based on various working groups. Formats for status report is available for download both in PDF & MS WORD. You can download these formats from below download links,

 1  Public Administration & Finance  PDF  Get File
 2  Agriculture  PDF  Get File
 3  Animal Husbandry  PDF  Get File
 4  Local Planning Development  PDF  Get File
 5  Poverty Alleviation with Housing  PDF  Get File
 6  Social Justice  PDF  Get File
 7  Women Development  PDF  Get File
 8.1  SC Development  PDF  Get File
 8.2  ST Development  PDF  Get File
 9  Health  PDF  Get File
 10  Drinking Water  PDF  Get File
 11  Education  PDF  Get File
 12  Public Works  PDF  Get File
 1  Public Administration & Finance MS WORD  Get File
 2  Agriculture  MS WORD  Get File
 3  Animal Husbandry  MS WORD  Get File
 4  Local Planning Development MS WORD Get File
 5  Poverty Alleviation with Housing MS WORD  Get File
6  Social Justice MS WORD  Get File
7  Women Development MS WORD Get File
8.1  SC Development MS WORD Get File
8.2  ST Development  MS WORD Get File
 9  Health MS WORD Get File
10  Drinking Water  MS WORD  Get File
11  Education  MS WORD  Get File
12  Public Works MS WORD  Get File

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