Duties and Responsibilities of Assistant Secretary


The Government have fixed various duties and responsibilities of Assistant Secretary of Panchayat as per 147/2018/LSGD Dated 05/10/2018 & G.O(MS) No.218/2013/LSGD dated 16/06/2013 and G.O(MS) No.59/2014/LSGD dated 22/03/2014. The following are the duties and responsibilities of Assistant Secretary of Panchayat,

  • Implementing Officer of MGNREGS
  • Implementing Officer of SCP & TSP Projects
  • Kudumbasree – CDS Member Secretary
  • Saksharatha – Panchayat Level Coordinator
  • Akshaya – Panchayat Level Coordinator
  • Distribution of Social Security Pension – Submission of Progress Report
  • Unemployment Allowance Enquiry & Distribution of Allowance
  • Maintain of Panchayat Asset Register
  • Attend Panchayat Committee & Standing Committee Meeting along with Secretary
  • Dealing of various cases relates to Panchayat

Download related orders,

   Download G.O(MS) No.147/2018/LSGD Dated 05/10/2018

   Download G.O(MS) No.218/2013/LSGD dated 16/06/2013

   Download G.O(MS) No.59/2014/LSGD dated 22/03/2014


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