The unpublished draft document of departmental integration

dreaft rule for integration

This write-up is based on the unpublished and unofficial draft of the integration rule…
Discussions about departmental integration is going on among the employees of panchayat department. This discussion is mainly because of the conversion of panchayats into municipalities which lead the possibility of losing 759 posts to panchayat department. During the discussion in the social media, some of the employees are expressed that the integration is essential. But in 2010,2011 most of the panchayat employees strongly opposed the integration because of several reasons. Main reason was, departmental integration prior to the staff pattern revision in the panchayat department would cause sharing of new posts in the panchayat department with other merging departments. Moreover, the draft circulated among the employees, contains several unfavourable instructions to the panchayat employees. Draft document proposed administrative and executive branch to make a division among the panchayat secretary and other employees of the panchayat.
Following departments/LBs included in the integration:-Panchayat, Corporation, Municipal service, LSGD engg department and Rural Development. The name of the new department will be Local Self Government State service. It will make the centralization of power to LSGD dept.
Report propose a new post Chief Commissioner. He/she will be the head of the dept. Panchayat director and rural development commissioner will abolish. Instead of that commissioners have the duty.

Govt. issued an order to start LSGD dept with effect from 02/04/11 and gave direction to LSGD dept secretary to prepare special rules.

It was the campaign among the employees of some departments other than panchayat.

Exclusive Related to RD dept.Exclusive.LSGD Department integration .VEO will become ministerial staff. BDO will become block panchayat secretary.VEO become the ministerial staff of panchayath.VEO, the name will not change.Panchayat secretary become the implementing officer ; VEO is the only person to assist him and find out the eligibility as an enquiry officer.VEO will be the extension officer of the panchayat and he will become the charge officer of the kudumbasree.Five year completed graduate UDC and VEO grade 1 can write Panchayath secretary exam and become Secretary.Without that the regular promotion GEO ,EO will continue.But recent future the direct recruitment of VEO will stop. [ Courtesy : ]


  1. The unpublished draft document of departmental integration and GO



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