Online Certificate Course in Procurement of Local Governments


Local Self Government Institutions (LSGIs) in Kerala, in the course of carrying out their administrative and developmental responsibilities, have to procure Goods, Assets, and Services. The Officials of LSGIs are expected to perform multi‐faceted functions on procurement. The ‘Manual on Finance Management 3: Procurement of Goods and Services in Local Self Government Institutions of Kerala (G.O.(Rt) No. 2487/2016 LSGD dt. 20‐08‐2016) provides the principles, procedures, and mechanism required for the procurements of LSGIs. In view of strengthening the functionaries on procurement of LSGIs, KILA conducts an online certificate course.

Expected Outcomes
The participants will be able to perform the procurement functions efficiently by complying the provisions in the Manual.

The Course duration is 10 days.

Course Content
This course covers the following, based on the Manual mentioned above:
i. Principles of Procurement
ii. Procurement Plan
iii. Execution of Procurement
iv. Execution of Procurement: Conditions for Contract
v. Procurements Requiring Special Attention
vi. Duties, Responsibilities and Liabilities in Procurement
vii. Social Audit
viii. Proactive Disclosure

Any official in the cadre of Clerk and above from LSGIs is eligible to join for the course if, she/he fulfils the admission requirements. The average batch size would be 40, but subject to the discretion of Course Director.

Admission Requirements
Those who fulfils the following are eligible for admission to the course:
i. Computer knowledge
ii. Internet access and knowledge
iii. English language literacy.

Admission Criteria

Those who fulfils the admission requirements are selected on ‘First Come, First Admitted’ basis.

Course Requirements
The participants shall:
a. Commit to devote time for Reading Assignment every day during the course.
b. Commit to devote time for attending daily online Assessment Test; and
c. Have Computer access with internet connection.

Certificate of Merit
i. Participants will be granted a Certificate of Merit on successful completion of the course.
ii. Those who score minimum marks of 50% in Assessment Tests (aggregate) shall be declared successful.
iii. Participant who fails to obtain minimum marks will not be qualified for completion of the course as well as for certificate.

The interested candidates, who fullfills all the requirements of the course, can apply through ‘google form’ which is send to respective LSGIs by email. The deadline for application is 07 January 2017. Any communication regarding the course may forward to .No communication through telephone is entertained.

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  1. Procurement Manual Soft Copy
  2. New Procurement Manual in a nut shell [Malayalam] : Prpared by Sanjay Prabhu D
  3. Course Brouchure

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