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Informative Files

Below are the list of various informative files / GOs / Circulars / Formats / Models etc which are related to various subjects of various departments. This list of files will be always updated. You can read or download these files from following table.

Date Particulars DOWNLOAD
07/03/2018 Gap Fund For Diability Gap Fund – Instructionsnew  Get File
07/03/2018 Spectacle Allowance to Part Time Contingent Employees – Ordernew  Get File
07/03/2018 Senior Citizen – Age Modified 60 yrs to 55 yrsnew  Get File
06/03/2018 E Tender User Guidenew  Get File
04/08/2017 Clearance For Installation of Mobile Tower  Get File
04/08/2017 Revised Training Policy of Government  Get File
04/08/2017 Panchayat Dept Probation Declaration – Guidelines  Get File
04/08/2017 Purchase From SIDCO Without Tender  Get File
04/08/2017 Malinyathilninnum Swathantryam – Campaign Survey  Get File
04/08/2017 LIFE Scheme – FAQ  Get File
04/08/2017 GST Rate Schedule  Get File
04/08/2017 MGNREGS Revised Procurement Guidelines 2017  Get File
04/08/2017 Malinyathilninnum Swathantryam – Fund Granted  Get File
04/08/2017 Tax Planning Guide 2017-18  Get File
04/08/2017 Transfer of Secretaries 02-08-2017  Get File
04/08/2017 Registration of Home-stay – Guidelines  Get File
04/08/2017 LIFE Scheme – PPT Presentation  Get File
04/08/2017 SS Pension – Income Certificate From VO – Order  Get File
03/08/2017 Various GP Activities in August 2017  Get File
20/07/2017 Implementation of Public Works through e-Tender – Order dated 14/07/2017  Get File
20/07/2017 Rules, Guidelines, Circulars & Government Orders issued on RTI Act, 2005  Get File
20/07/2017 Ex Servicemen – Exemption of Property Tax – Modified Order  Get File
20/07/2017 GST on Contract Works – Important Information  Get File
20/07/2017 Kerala Goods and Services Taxes Department – Handbook for Departments  Get File
19/07/2017 Selection of beneficiaries – Important points  Get File
19/07/2017 Selection of beneficiaries – Important points  Get File
19/07/2017 Railway NOC for construction of building within 30 meters from Railway boundary  Get File
19/07/2017 Department Test Time Table – July 2017  Get File
14/07/2017 LSGD is not permitted to construct any amenities including bus shelter along PWD roads  Get File
07/07/2017 Sanchaya Saankhya Collection Maching – ReadMe File  Get File
29/06/2017 Project Payment in Web Saankhya – Note  Get File
29/06/2017 General Purpose Bill Generation & Other Process – Note  Get File
27/06/2017 Frequently Asked Question – Annual Plan Implementation 2017-18 (Prepared by Deepu P)  Get File
27/06/2017 Appointment of Doctors and Paramedical Staff in PHC’s – Circular  Get File
24/06/2017 Sulekha Project Approval Procedure – Malayalam Note  Get File
23/06/2017 Precautions to be followed to prevent death due to fever – Order Issued  Get File
20/06/2017 Regularisation of national strike of 02/09/2016 – Order Issued  Get File
15/06/2017 Plan 2017-18 Frequently Asked questions – Prepared by Deepu P, Rani GP  Get File
30/05/2017 Suspension for not follow of guidelines for conduct of Vikasana Seminar & non completion of minutes
 Get File
29/05/2017 Stop of new data entry of social security pensions – Circular fro Finance Dep  Get File
26/03/2017 Life Mission – Instructions as per letter No.10172/N/KSHO dated 13/03/2017 of CEO of LIFE Mission
 Get File
21/03/2017 Celebration of World Water Day 2017 – Instructions  Get File
19/03/2017 Advocate fee fixed for conduct of cases in Panchayats  Get File
17/03/2017 Bharana Bhasha Sevana Puraskarangal- Class 1 and 2 employees included – Prize money and rules amended – orders issued  Get File
14/03/2017 Unemployment wages guidelines dated 08/03/2017   Get File
13/03/2017 Clarification on obtain of environmental clarence for quarrying lease (Black Stone)  Get File
13/03/2017 RTI – Recovery of fine imposed to Government Servant – Guidelines   Get File
09/03/2017 Registers to be kept in LSGD Engineering office – Circular   Get File
09/03/2017 Model Proceedings of the Secretary for expenditure – [Specimen]   Get File
09/03/2017 Plan Guidelines – Additions to plan guidelines & subsidy guidelines   Get File
04/03/2017 Rate of VAT chargeable on cost of tender forms reduced from 12.5% to 4%  Get File
04/03/2017 Sanchaya : Frequently Asked Questions & Answers  Get File
04/03/2017 Drinking Water Supply Guidelines by Disaster Management Department  Get File
03/03/2017 Child Friendly District : Action Plan for Child Friendly District – Trissur  Get File
27/02/2017 Time Limit Extended For Crediting Dearness Allowance To Provident Fund Accounts  Get File
27/02/2017 Revision of Rates of Treasury Fixed Deposits  Get File
25/02/2017 Restriction to utilise own fund for supply of drinking water through tanker lorry  Get File
24/02/2017 RSBY – Free medical treatment of Rs.30000/- to senior citizens  Get File
24/02/2017 Last date for the approval of priority / non-priority list of ration beneficiaries is extended to 03/03/2017  Get File
24/02/2017 Construction of building for newly formed blocks  Get File
22/02/2017 Agreement model for execute between KSEB and Grama Panchayat – Specimen  Get File
22/02/2017 Stoppage of tanker lorry while distribution of drinking water – Letter from District Collector Ernakulam  Get File
22/02/2017 Payment directly to the bank account of contractors – G.O(P) No.1805/2014/LSGD dated 14/07/2014  Get File
21/02/2017 Drought 2016-17 : Supply of Drinking Water – Guidelines Issued  Get File
21/02/2017 Setting up of Virtual Class Rooms – Operational Guidelines  Get File

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