Change of procedure (w.e.f 01/04/2016)- Appointment of daily wage, contract staff and their payments

As per the Per the 10th Pay Revision Order GO(P) No.7/2016/fin dated 20/01/2016, the finance department of Kerala issued a order on 26/02/2016 [ GO(P)No.28/2016/Fin dated 26/02/2016 ] that the remuneration of daily wage and contract staff of Government Departments, educational institutions and Grant-in-aid Institutions are enhanced with effect from 01/04/2016.

Revised remuneration of some categories are as follows,

  1. Office Attendant – Rs.16500/-
  2. Clerk – Rs.19000/-
  3. Clerk / Data entry Operator – 19000/-
  4. Security Guard – Rs.19000/-
  5. Overseer – Rs.19000/-

Conditions fixed as per the order GO(P)No.28/2016/Fin dated 26/02/2016,

  1. Such persons on daily wage basis should be engaged only for a period of 179 days at a time. However, in the case of the category of teachers in educational institutions, the persons engaged may be allowed to continue till the end of that academic year.
  2. In ‘future, ‘wherever inevitable, engagement of any daily wage personal casual labourer/contract staff, shall be done only with the explicit sanction of Government. The proposals for sanction for the appointment in such cases shall contain a certificate to the effect that, the appointment is not against a vacancy of post to which a select list notified as per the Recruitment Rule is in force.
  3. This order will be applicable to only persons engaged exactly in roles specified in Column I of the Annexure appended. Before any person is paid the daily wages/contract pay as the case may be, the Head of the  Institution or such other person duly authorized for the purpose, who engages such person, shall make sure that the person satisfies all the essential qualifications as well as experience (if any) specified in the Special Rules or the rules of the Grant-in-aid institution as the case may be. Any deviation from this will not be
    permitted other than with the concurrence of Finance Department.
  4. If any daily wages or contract engagement has been made to any position other than that exactly’ specified in Column I in the Annexure, then sanction of Government after consultation with Finance Department shall be obtained before fixing the category of that person for the purpose of disbursing daily wages/contract pay.
  5. If any amount is disbursed to ‘daily wage workers/casual labourers/contract employees in deviation from these provisions, then such excess remuneration shall be the personal liability of the officer who makes such appointment and the person disbursing such excess remuneration.
  6. Attendance certificate and identification certificate of the persons engaged shall be insisted along with the bills drawing wages for daily waged personnel.


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