New guidelines regarding the bill preparation of SLI, GIS and other insurance claims


As per the GO(Rt)No.6346/2016/Fin dated 27/07/2016 issued following guidelines in connection with Introduction of Centralised Bill Preparation System for the disbursement of SLI, GIS and other Insurance Claims such as Fire Insurance, MACT claims, Marine Insurance, etc. .under KSID.
(1) All SLI & GIS claims should be processed through BiMS application and the present system of GIS closure bill preperation in SPARK by the DDOs concerned is dispensed with.
(2) All bills in respect of other insurance claims under the following Heads of Account 8011-00-105-95(01) Miscellaneous, 8011-00-105-96(01) Marine, 8011-00-105-97(01) Fire, 8011-00-105-98(01) Act (Suit) and service tax should be processed through BiMS only.
(3) The Director of Insurance should ensure necessary mapping and allotment distribution in BAMS and BiMS in consulation with the Director of Treasuries for making the new bill preparation system fuily operational w.e.f. 01.08.2016.

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