Maximum limit of contingent expenses may spend by the Grama, Block, District Panchayat Presidents

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Para (C) of sub-section 4 of section 156 of the Kerala Panchayat Raj Act, 1994 says that “incur contingent expenditure upto such limit as may be fixed by the Government from time to time“. In the power of above section the Government have fixed the maximum limit to spend contingent expenditure as per G.O(MS)No.107/98/LSGD dated 27-05-1998. As per this order the limit of spend contingent expenditure fixed by the Government as follows,

[ Subject to the availability of fund earmarked in the budget]

  1. Grma Panchayat President – Rs.5000/- (Now Revised. See Below)
  2. Block Panchayat President – Rs.7500/- (Now Revised. See Below)
  3. District Panchayat President – Rs.10000/- (Now Revised. See Below)

Further Government have revised this limit as per G.O(MS)No.271/2004/LSGD dated 04-09-2004. As per this order the limit of spend contingent expenditure fixed by the Government as follows,

  1. Grma Panchayat President – Rs.5000/- (At a time) & Rs.10000/- (Per month)
  2. Block Panchayat President – Rs.7500/- (At a time) & Rs.15000/- (Per month)
  3. District Panchayat President – Rs.10000/- (At a time) & Rs.20000/- (Per month)

Expenditure may be incurred from the above amount for following items,

  1. Tender Advertisement, Notice, Quotation
  2. Purchase of Cycle & Repair
  3. Binding of books and magazines
  4. Purchase of Books for office use
  5. Purchase of Clocks & Repair
  6. Money Order Charge & Parcel Charge
  7. Vehicle Rent
  8. Demurrage Charge
  9. Installation of bulbs, tubes
  10. Electricity Charge & Water Charge
  11. Purchase of Office Equipment & Repair
  12. Purchase / Printing of Forms & Registers
  13. Purchase of Office Furniture & Repair
  14. Purchase of Iron Selves & Repair
  15.  Preparation of maps, plans, charts, blue prints
  16. Installation of notice boards, name boards, sign boards
  17. Purchase & Repair of padlocks, locks etc
  18. Sweeping Charges
  19. Purchase of magazines
  20. Installation of photos of Mahatma Gandhi, Indian President, Prime Minister
  21. Poster Charge
  22. Printing Charge
  23. Building Rent
  24. Purchase of Cleaning Materials
  25. Purchase of rubber stamps
  26. Purchase of stationery items
  27. Purchase of news papers
  28. Telegram, Telex, Telephone Charges
  29. Notice, advertisements
  30. Transportation Charges
  31. Typing & Photo Copying Charges
  32. Purchase of Uniform cloth
  33. Fuel Charges
  34. Vehicle Repair
  35. Cleaning Charges
  36. Light food for Panchayat / Standing Committee Meetings
  37. Other Office Expenses


DOWNLOAD G.O(MS)No.107/98/LSGD dated 27-05-1998

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