Government Officials compulsorily wear name badge for identification purpose – Circular / Specimen


As per Government Circular No.13671/AR13(2)/2015/P&ARD dated 19/09/2015 strict order issued by the Government to all Officials compulsorily wear name badge for identification purpose. Further as per Circular No.7318/AR.13(2)/16/P&ARD dated 18/08/2016 following instructructions are issued by the Government for strict adherence in wearing name badge,

  1. The responsibility for issue of Identity Cards to the employees is vested with the Heads of Department.
  2. Heads of Department will get the ID cards issued by suitably authorizing regional/district level officers, if required.
  3. It shall be ensured that Identity Cards are issued to the employees within two weeks.
  4. The General Fornat of the Identity Card appended hereto will be adopted.
  5. Secretaries to Government may supervise this closely.
  6. Number of ID cards issued category-wise should be reported by the Heads of Department to the Secretaries concerned.
  7. All employees shall, while on duty wear the Identity Card issued to them.
  8. All the Heads of Department shall ensure that the instructions in the circular under reference are followed strictly.

   Download Circular No.13671/AR13(2)/2015/P&ARD dated 19/09/2015

   Download Circular No.7318/AR.13(2)/16/P&ARD dated 18/08/2016

   Download Specimen of Badge

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