Acceptance of Single Bid – Guidelines


As per Government Circular No.2508/B2/2013/SPD dated 28/10/2013 the Store Purchase Department issued following guidelines for the acceptance of single bid by purchase officers,

  • In general, single bid or tenders are not acceptable in the first instance.
  • If there is only one bid even after re-tendering, there is need for detailed justification to accept the single tender or single bid with the approval from the competent authority.
  • There should be no negotiation with the bidder at all. However, in cases where a decision is taken to go for re-tendering due to the unreasonableness of the quoted rates, but the requirements are urgent and a re-tender for the entire requirement would delay the availability of the items, thus jeopardizing the essential operations, maintenance and safety, negotiations would be permitted with L1 bidders / single bidder for the supply of a bare minimum quantity. The balance quantity should however be procured expeditiously through a re-tender, following the normal tendering process.
    In view of the guidelines of Central Vigilance Commission and various ruling of the Hon’ble Supreme Court and all Stat High Courts, all purchasing officers are directed that single bid / single tender shall be accepted only after re-tendering and subject to a detailed justification in support of acceptance.
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