Draft Seniority List – Prepared as per interim order of Supreme Court

supreme order

04/06/2017 : As per Notice No.E8-12264/2017 (5) dated 29/05/2017 draft seniority list of special grade secretaries have been published. The list prepared as per the interim order of the Supreme Court of India. Below is the draft seniority list,

    Download Seniority List of UD Clerk

   Download Seniority List of Head Clerk

   Download Seniority List of Secretaries

   Download Seniority List of Junior Superintendent

   Download Seniority List of Special Grade Secretaries

30/03/2017 : Full Text of SC Order : The Government is free to take steps to implement the orders passed by the Kerala Administrative Tribunal dated 6.3.2015, as affirmed by the High Court in the impugned order dated 11.3.2016. But, in case reversion of any officer is to be effected in the process, the same shall be done only after obtaining orders from this Court. A Report on the steps thus taken shall be submitted before this Court, within three months.

As per the judgement of Hon. Supreme court on case number CA595/2003 to 598/2003 dated 24/11/2009, the DP has published and finalised the combined gradation/Seniority list of employees of panchayath common service and of then departmental (ministerial) employees. It was prepared on the basis of numerical proportional prescribed in the KPSS Rules of 1994. There was numerous cases against this Seniority list published by DP as per order no.E8/28/2010 of 9/4/2010. With the present SC judgement this first Seniority list is going to prevail in the department. After all, this finalisation may help the department to fill all the existing vacancies. It will also help to Sanction the ratio promotion pending to Secretary/SS.

   Download Supreme Court Order

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