[Updated on 04/06/2017] e-Treasury – Remittance of Hot Cash Help File & Operational Guidelines for the collection of hot cash at all branches of e-treasury integrated banks


04/06/2017 : e-Treasury – Remittance of Hot Cash Help File : At present the money collected at Government offices can be remitted to Government account through treasuries / treasury branches of the 3 agency banks only. This has resulted delay in crediting money into Government account since the reach of treasuries is limited. The Government has introduced e-treasury, an online portal facilitating electronic receipt and payment. 14 designated banks including the 3 agency banks were integrated with e-treasury so that customers having net banking account in any of these banks can make payments in favour of Government for availing various services. The public and department users can make payment at all branches of e-treasury integrated banks. For more download help file from below download button,

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06/02/2017 : Operational Guidelines for the collection of hot cash at all branches of e-treasury integrated banks

Departmental user
· The Departmental user shall obtain user credentials to e-treasury from the nearest treasury office.
· The departmental officer shall accept cash in office after login into the e-treasury system and customer shall be given a copy of TR5 receipt generated from the system.
· At the end of the day, a consolidated pay in slip shall be generated for each head of account, based on which the officer shall remit the money collected to the nearest bank branch attached to the e treasury system or a nearby treasury office.
· One copy of the e- chalan issued by the bank containing bank reference number (BRN) shall be kept in the office for audit purpose.
· The offices like village offices/RT offices/Registrar offices etc. where remittances from large number of public takes place can continue to issue manual TR-5 receipts/ internal system generated receipts to the customers at the time of accepting money. But those offices shall also generate a head of account wise pay in slip from e treasury system for the bulk amount at the end of the day and remit the money so collected into the nearest branch of the bank /treasury on the basis of the pay in slip.
· No chalan remittance other than those generated through e treasury system will be permitted at treasury/bank by the departmental offices from 1.2.2017.
· The departmental users can approach nearest treasury for any help/training in the case of e-treasury related operations.
· Please visit www.finance.kerala.gov.in for GO(P) No.12/2017/Fin dated 31.01.2017.

Bank user
· All branches of banks integrated with the e-treasury system (see G.O.(P) No.12/2017/Fin dated, 31.1.2017) shall accept the remittances made by departmental officers based on the pay in slip generated from the e-treasury system.
· The bank user shall login into the e-treasury system using the user credentials and fetch the data using the Government Reference Number (GRN) in the pay in slip.
· The money so collected shall be remitted to a collection account maintained in each branch of the respective bank.
· Thereafter the branch shall transfer the amount from the collection account of the branch to the pooling account of Government with the e-treasury integrated branch of the respective bank using internet banking credentials.
· After successful transfer the e-chalan with bank reference number (BRN) shall be generated from the system and handed over to the departmental officer.
· The nodal branch of each bank shall transfer the money from this pooling account to the Government account maintained by RBI on t+1 basis as in the case of e mode transaction.
· The agency bank branch shall transfer the money as was done hitherto.
· The banks can approach nearest treasury for any assistance/training in the case of e-treasury related operations.

Treasury user
· Treasury shall also accept the pay in slip as in the case of bank branches and issue e-chalan generated through the system after accepting the money.
· In this case the amount so collected at treasury will be remitted to the agency bank if it exceeds the imprest limit.
· Manual chalans by department officers shall not be permitted and e-treasury generated pay in slip shall be insisted w.e.f. 1.2.2017.
· Necessary assistance shall be provided to banks and department officers who approaches treasury for help relating to e-treasury operations.
For further assistance, please contact Directorate of Treasuries over phone
0471-2321154 or email- keralatreasury@gmail.com.

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