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04/10/2017 : The Panchayt Department of Kerala have been issued circular on expression of opinion through social media for their employees as per Circular No.D5-33147/2017/LSGD dated 26/09/2017. Click below button for download circular.

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26/03/2017: Circular No.78/2017/P&ARD dated 31/01/2017 the Government issued instructions on expression of opinion through media by Government employees. As per this circular the Government restricted Government employees from expression of opinions through social media, television, radio etc. without permission of government. Download circular from below download link,

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The Government Servants’ Conduct Rules, 1960 came into existence in January 1960. This is issued as a statutory notification invoking the powers conferred under Article 309 of the Constitution. All the notifications issued under Article 309 of the Constitution are deemed to be issued under the Kerala Public Services Act, 1968 (Act 19 of 1968). This is the legal setting of the conduct rules.
1.1. Applicability
The Conduct Rules applies to all Government Servants under the rule making control of the Government of Kerala and some of the provisions do not apply to the Advocate General and other Advocates of the Government. It applies from the date of becoming a member of the service and continues its applicability during leave, suspension, joining time. In short, the applicability ceases only when the person ceases to be a member of the service by termination, resignation or super-annuation. (Rule 2 & 5)
1.2. Integrity and devotion to duty
Every Govt Servant shall at all times maintain absolute integrity and devotion to duty (Rule 3).
1.3. Hospitality
A Government Servant shall not accept unnecessary hospitality in the form of felicitation meetings, gifts, rewards, use of vehicles and social gatherings in their honor (Rule 6-10)
1.4. General Conduct
• They shall not collect money from the public except when authorized by government or on permission from government. (Rule 14) But as per GO (MS) 228/71 PD dated 9-8-71, the HOD can grant permission to staff to collect money from them to provide relief to the family of a deceased govt servant.
• The resignation of public functionaries or officials shall not be purchased. This is to avoid an attempt to bag that position for them. (Rule 15)
• Lending money and borrowing money are not permitted. This mainly applies to transactions with the general public and not with financial institutions or co-operatives organized by employees (Rule 16). Govt servant can avail loan from co-operative Society but the surety shall not be a Govt Servant subordinate to him (Rule 17)
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