Ensuring safety of Roads and Traffic Guidelines

As per the G.O.(MS)No.46/2020/PWD Dated 22.10.2019 sanction was accorded for including IRC 12 -2016 in the PWD Manual ( Revised 2012) as appendix along with the other codes mentioned in the Manual. The IRC:12-2016 “Unified Guidelines for access permission to fuel station ” has been withdrawn as per the notification No.28, effective from 1st December 2019 by the Government of India. The Chief Engineer, PWD (Roads) has also requested the Government to issue necessary guidelines and specifications for ensuring the safety of the roads and traffic and stipulated norms for the same purpose on roads of PWD. After examining the matter the Government has approved the stipulated norms and specifications for ensuring the safety of roads and traffic in Kerala. To download the detailed guideline click below link,

Download Detailed Guidelines


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