How to register death occurred abroad ships ?

death occurred abroad ships

While on sea are reported to the Director General of shipping by the captain of the ship at the next port of call, under section 214 of the Merchant Shipping Act, 1948. In respect of deaths of Indian Citizens, the Director General of shipping shall under that Act send a certified copy of such reports to the appropriate registration authority of that state where the deceased was a normal resident. The question arises as to what is the exact procedure of registering and where to register such events?
All deaths occurring on sea shall be registered formally only in the local registration area of which the deceased was a normal resident. The Chief Registrar may arrange to pass on the certified copies of deaths aboard ships received from Director General, shipping to the concerned local registrar, who shall register the same, after obtaining all relevant information from the next of kin of the deceased and making special remark about the report received through Director General of shipping. After such registration, extract may be issued in Form 6 to the informants.

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