[ New Version – Updated on 17.06.2016 ] KPEPF and PF Loan Creator


Hi friends, here is a good news from Panmana Grama Panchayat. One Mr.S.Laiju, Senior Clerk Panmana Grama Panchayat has been designed an excel tool for preparation of KPEPF & PF Creator Tool.


I think this will help us to simplify the work of preparation of Form D, Form F, Anexure A, Anexure B&C, Anexure B1, Anexure D, Statement, Form G NRA, Declaration NRA.. etc relating to the loan. Please test this tool all of you send feedback to Mr.S.Laiju, Senior Clerk Panmana Grama Panchayat. His contact Number is : 97 46 54 09 19.

[ New Version Available below for Download ]

  [ New Version ] Download KPEPF & PF Loan Creator

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