Constitution of Hospital Management Committees – After commencement of new Panchayat Committee


Act : Section 173A of the Kerala Panchayat Raj Act, 1994

Section 173A of the Kerala Panchayat Raj Act 1994 : Managing Committee for Public health Institution. – There shall be constituted a Managing Committee, in the manner prescribed, consisting of not more than fifteen members including the Chairman, for every public health institutions transferred to the panchayat from Government.

Rule : The Kerala Panchayat Raj ( Management Committees to Public Health Institutions ) Rules, 2010

Structure of Hospital Management Committee

  • President of Panchayat : Chairperson
  • Chairman of Health and Education Standing Committee : Vice Chairperson
  • Chairman of Finance Standing Committee
  • Panchayat Member of concerned ward where the hospital is located
  • Assistant Engineer of Panchayat (LSGD)
  • Assistant Engineer of KSEB
  • Assistant Engineer of KWA
  • Not more than three social workers nominated by the Panchayat
  • Main Medical Officer of concerned hospital : Member Secretary
  • Medical Officer of concerned hospital working under Main Medical Officer
  • Elected Member of Block, District Panchayat where the hospital is located

Format of Income and Expenditure Statement of Hospital Management Committee [ To be produced before the Performance / Local Fund / AG audit team ]

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