Disbursement of Salary of contract / daily wages employees through SPARK

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The Government have decided to disburse the Salaries and allowances of daily wage, contract employees through SPARK as per order G.O.(P) NO.109/2016/Fin dated 29-07-2016.

At present, salary claims in respect of most of the state government employees are prepared and presented to treasuries using the SPARK application software. As per the G.O.(P) No. 149/2014/Fin dated 26.4.2014 and G.O.(P) No. 306/2014/Fin dated 23.7.2014, orders were issued to prepare all non salary claims of employees also through SPARK. In the G.O.(P) No. 46/2016/Fin dated 04.04.2016, a centralised Bill information and Management System (BiMS) was introduced in the online treasury portal for the preparation of contingent bills, etc. Thus, all the bills requiring payment through treasuries can be prepared either through SPARK or BiMS application.

The processingg of salary and related claims in SPARK is envisaged for employees having a Permanent Employee Number (PEN) only. The salary and allowances in respect of contract/temporary/daily waged employees who are not
provided with PEN cannot be processed through the SPARK system. Integrated Financial Management System envisages online processing of all treasury related transactions. In view of this, the meeting held by Additional Secretary, Finance (Streamlining) Department on 29.6.2016 decided to introduce a separate module under SPARK application to process the pay and allowances of such employees. Accordingly, the following guidelines are issued to facilitate the new arrangement.

1] Hereafter the salary/remuneration/wages & TA claims of all temporary/contract/daily waged employees who are not provided with PEN are to be processed through the new module ‘claim entry’ under SPARK application. However, provisional employees working against a regular post and having PEN will continue to process their salary through SPARK application.

2] In order to process the claims of non permanent employees through the new system, the DDO shall issue separate orders/proceedings sanctioning the eligible amount showing the breakup of the individual claims for each claim. The net amount payable to each employee alone shall be entered in the new module under SPARK along with other mandatory details such as name, designation, month of claim, account number, aadhar number, etc. of such employees.

3] The DDO shall prepare and submit such bills in form TR 59C to treasury along with the sanction orders/proceedings and the amount payable shall be credited to the bank/treasury account of the respective employees. The statutory deductions (such as Income Tax, EPF, etc.), if any, are to be computed by the DDO and credited to the special TSB of the DDO and then transferred to the respective stakeholder institution.

4] Hereafter PEN will be provided to the regular employees only based on the entries made in the Service Book/Entitlement Register. However temporary employees appointed against permanent post having a scale of pay will also be allotted PEN, since they are eligible for regular pay and allowances attached to that post.

5] The DDOs shall verify whether PEN has been allotted to any temporary employees working under them other than those who are working against permanent post and intimate the details thereof to the Chief Project Manager, SPARK by email to info©spark.gov.in on or before 31 August 2016.

6] It is also clarified that assigning a PEN doesn’t indicate that the employee is permanent. This is only a Unique number issued in seriatum to identify an employee under SPARK application.

The new system will come into effect from August 2016 onwards.

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