How to select beneficiaries in Grama Panchayats ?


As per the para 7.18 of subsidy guidelines of annual plan 2016-17  [ G.O(MS)No.04/2016/LSGD dated 11-01-2016 ] following instructions are to be considered while selection of beneficiaries.

  1. Land, house construction, house repair, toilet construction, house wiring etc must be provided to all beneficiaries selected under Ashraya Scheme.
  2. Preparation of Beneficiary List :

           A) Selection Procedure (Individual / Family / Group )  

  1. Wide publicity and distribution of applications through Ayal Sabha,  Grama Kendra.
  2. Preparation of draft beneficiary list after removing ineligible applications based on eligibility criteria by working groups.
  3. Preparation of draft priority list of beneficiaries by issuing marks based on priority criteria by working groups.
  4. Field Level verification of beneficiaries those who enlisted in draft priority list by two government officials.
  5. Preparation of revised draft priority list of beneficiaries after field verification by the officials.
  6. Presenting of draft priority list of beneficiaries before Ayalsabha through Ward Development Committee for recommendation.
  7. Presenting of draft priority list of beneficiaries before Gramasabha along with recommendation of Ayalsabha.
  8. Approval of final beneficiary list by Gramasabha.
  9. Approval of final beneficiary list by the Panchayat Committee.
  10. Publication of final beneficiary list at Panchayat Notice Board & Official Website of Panchayat.
  11. Handover of final beneficiary list to implementing officers.

          B) Preparation of new beneficiary list only after exhaust of existing list.

         C) Modification of beneficiary list only with the approval of Gramasabha.

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