[Updated on 20/06/2017] Reconciliation of government accounts with the treasury data – Date Extended


20/06/2017: As per letter No.43/SFC-A2/2017/Fin dated 09/06/2017 the Government have informed that the last date of  reconciliation of accounts with Treasury data is extended up to 30/06/2017. Download letter from below download,

   Download Letter

03/05/2017: As per the Circular No.27/2017/Fin dated 29/04/2017 the Government have issued guidelines for  the reconciliation are detailed below:

1. The proforma for reconciliation is available in the Saankhya Software.

2. The Accountant/ equated officer should make data entry in Local Governments

3. The Secretary should verify the data and ensure its correctness.

4. In case any modification is necessary for the data entered by the Accountant/equated officer, instruction is to be given to them for modification.

5. The filled up proforma should be endorsed by the Chairman, Finance Standing Committee, and it is not editable at Local Government thereafter.

6. Local Government officials should convince the receipt of funds to the designated Treasury officials with copies of the Government Orders.

7. Treasury officials should take expenditure data available from TIS only.

8. Treasury Officer should verify and approve the data with or without modification, as prepared by the Treasury Accountant.

9. The proforma approved by the Treasury Officer should be available to the Local Government Secretary for uploading.

10. The time limit for the programme is given below ;


   Download Order

15/03/2017: As per the letter No.172/SFC-A1/2016/Fin dated 15/03/2017 the Government have informed that the period of data entry facility of the Accounts of the Local Governments and the reconciliation of the same with Treasury data is extended up to 6 pm on 28/03/2017.

   Download Letter dated 15/03/2017

As per the letter No.172/SFC-A1/2016/Fin dated 24/12/2016 the Additional Chief secretary (Finance) informed to all Local Government Institutions that the data entry facility for reconciliation of Local Government Accounts with Treasury data is extended up to 28/12/2016. Below is the copy of letter and related circular,

Government in its various previous orders have instructed the Local Governments to reconcile their accounts with the treasury data. After having detailed discussion with the officials concerned and stake holders a proforma is finalised for the reconciliation by the Government. A pilot intervention has been made with the finalised proforma in the Parasala Grama Panchayat and Attingal Municipality. Based on the feedback of the pilot intervention the proforma is approved for reconciliation. And as per the Circular No.90/2016/Fin dated 21-11-2016 issued guidelines for the reconciliation. Download Circular from below link,

   Download Circular

   Data Entry Date Extension Letter

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