Enhanced rate of Social Security Pension – Clarification


Government in its GO (Ms) No.282/2016/Fin dated 15-07-2016 have enhanced the minimum rate of social security pensions to Rs. 1000 per month with effect from June 2016. The GO stated that the rate of Social Security Pensions consist of 5 items ranged from Rs.600/- to Rs.1,500/- till May 2016. Government have received requests from various corners to clarify whether there is any change in the rate ofSocial Security Pensions with a monthly rate more than Rs.1000/- per month. In the circumstance, Government are pleased to clarify that the minimum pension for Social Security Pensions will be Rs.1000/-per month. If the rate of any of the Sociar Security pensions was more trran Rs.1000/- per month before the issue of the GO (Ms) No.282/2016/Fin dated 15-07-2016 will continue to be paid at the same rate. Download clarification circular from below link,

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