Last date for submission of bills, cheques, challans etc before the Treasury is 5.00pm of 30/03/2017


In order to avoid these difficulties, all Drawing and Disbursing Officers are directed as per Circular No.15/2017/Fin dated 20/03/2017 to strictly adhere to the following guidelines for the remaining period of the current financial year,
(i) All Heads of Departments and Drawing and Disbursing Officers have to present bills, cheques, challans etc. to the treasuries latest by 5 P.M. on 30-03-2017. Any bill submitted after the above time limit will not be accepted.
(ii) All controlling officers should ensure that the copies of letters of allotment to sub controlling officers, made out of the existing budget provisions, are submitted to the respective treasuries latest by 2910312017. Therefore, Re-appropriation proposals preferred thereafter shall not be accepted in Finance Department.
(iii) The bills submitted at treasuries before the prescribed time limit and has not been cleared till 12 O’ clock during the night of March 31,2017 will be shifted to treasury Queue. Such bills will be honoured in the subsequent days of the next financial year.
(iv) Manual bills submitted by the Local Self Government institutions before the mandated time limit will be accepted at treasuries with token assigning sequence and time of receipt. The priority of honouring of such bills will be solely on the basis of the order of token issued. The amount of bills accepted with token that has not been passed by 31st March.2017 will not lapse. Such bills will be cleared in the subsequent days of the next financial year on the aforementioned priority. Additional funds will be provided in the coming fiscal year. In view of this, all Local Self Government Institutions may avoid last minute rush for meeting expenditure.
(v) The facility to transfer amount directly to bank accounts of the beneficiaries has now been available with treasuries. Hence bulk transferring of such amounts to Treasury Savings Bank Accounts/Bank Accounts of the departments shall not be permitted.
(vi) In case any doubt persists regarding any advance claim, the Sub Treasury Officers / District Treasury Officers have to get in touch with the Director of Treasuries who in turn shall consult the Secretary (Finance-Resources)/ Joint Secretary, Finance (Secret) Department before allowing or rejecting the claim.
(vii) The non-banking treasuries should ensure that the cash retained by them at the end of financial year is the least minimum possible. They should close their business not later than 12 O’ clock during the night of March 31, 2017 and report the closing balance to Director of Treasuries by fax or email. The Director of Treasuries in turn will report the same to the Finance Department as and when it is received.
(viii) Treasuries are not authorised to allow any exemption to the above instructions without specific directions from the Finance Department…… For more download circular from below download link,

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