Establishment of e-Payment, other remote mode collection and electronic disbursement facilities – Order


The Government of Kerala in its order accorded permissive sanction for the establishment of e-payment, other remote mode collection and electronic disbursement facilities in the interested Local Governments in the state to be implemented by the Local Governments in collaboration with IKM subject to the following conditions,

  1. e-payment will be routed to the Local Governments through IKM, so that different Local Governments are not forced to have separate individual agreements with service providers.
  2. All receipts remitted in favour of the local bodies concerned, which would be routed through IKM, would be credited to the concerned Local Government Account within one day or by the succeeding working day if there is an intervening holiday. No payment would be made to IKM for this service except an annual payment of Rs.40000/- which will be shared by all the participating Local governments that avail of the technical support from IKM for e-payment transactions. This in turn is meant only to cover the annual safety certification fee to be paid by IKM to Versign.
  3. The Director of Urban Affairs and the Director of Panchayats will be provided authorised access to the system to monitor payments and ensure that these are being promptly credited in favour of the Local Governments concerned.
  4. All Local Governments in Kerala would be encouraged to adopt this system (in collaboration with IKM) especially those who have already developed property tax data bases.
    For more download order from below download link,

   Download GO(MS) No.98/2011/LSGD dated 28/05/2011

   Download GO(Rt) No.687/2013/LSGD dated 19/03/2013

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